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Yoga uses breathing techniques, movement, and meditation to help improve health and well-being. It increases flexibility, muscle strength, and tone. It improves respiration, energy, and vitality; maintains a balanced metabolism; aids in weight reduction, cardio and circulatory health, improved athletic performance, and protection from injury. Yoga is very helpful in managing stress. A regular yoga practice can facilitate mental clarity and calmness, increased body awareness, and relief from chronic stress as it relaxes the mind, centers attention, and enhances concentration.

Yoga Classes

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Yoga Classes
Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Gentle Flow Yoga Class with Jill Sansom

Gentle flow yoga is a slow yoga flow that is great for all levels, beginner through advanced. It encourages movement, mindfulness, breath control, and holding yoga poses for a dynamic yoga experience.  This class helps release tension and improve strength through breath and postures.  Restorative Yoga postures may be weaved into the class through use of bolsters, blankets and other props.  With regular practice, gentle flow yoga can facilitate a healthier and clearer mind/body connection and increase self-awareness.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Jill Sansom

Vinyasa Flow style class connects the breath with movement while focusing on building strength, flexibility and balance. This class is for beginners and those with more consistent practice. Modifications are offered to allow all students to experience the class at their own level. Additional suggestions are provided for those with a more experienced level of practice.  Traditional and creative asana will be incorporated into the sequence with functional movements and stillness weaved in as well. 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga


This is a mindful mix-up of intentional movement and breath, paired with self-massage rolling, and concluding with restorative options.  Come ready to use all sorts of props and support as we explore developing strength, balance, and flexibility through our asana postures.  This is an all-level experience and can be customized to meet you where you are.

Yoga Pricing:


  • Drop-in – $15
  • 4 class pass – $40, valid for up to 6 weeks
  • Unlimited Monthly Pass $50
Yoga Private & Semi-Private
Restorative Yoga
Traditional Restorative Yoga with Jill Sansom

Restorative yoga is a practice of letting go and connecting to your breath, body and spirit in a manner that brings calmness, healing, and relaxation. Through the use of props, the body is supported so that stillness can be appreciated through various poses and body positions. The positions are held for minutes at a time to further increase the experience. This is the ultimate reset button and a compliment to other body movement and breath practices.

This is a gentle yet powerful class, that is offered as a private or semi-private (2-3 people) session. A private Traditional restorative with Jill is $60 per session, or $85 for semi-private (2-3 people)

Schedule a phone consultation with Jill to learn more or to get started. 


Restorative Yoga
Custom Yoga with Jill Sansom

Yoga is a lifestyle of living with mindfulness. The physical movement and linking of one’s breath to this movement are a way to find a one-pointed focus and create a sense of calmness, clarity, and peace. Additionally, a physical yoga class can assist with building strength, balance, and increased flexibility, which can be felt on a physical, energetic, and emotional level. The movement in a yoga class can be as individual as you are, and depending on your needs, can be customized in a variety of ways, ranging from a more restorative style to gentle, to more energetic. A custom yoga class is just that: One that we co-create to work with what you need, from exactly where you are. No prior experience is necessary to begin your journey.  All are welcome here!!
A private Custom Yoga with Jill is $60 per session, or $85 for semi-private (2-3 people)


Schedule a phone consultation with Jill to learn more, or get started

Yoga Events

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With the understanding that all wellness begins with a healthy energy system, Visions Reiki and Soul Spa offers holistic services, education, and coaching to help you establish a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Being the best you can be started with a strong and healthy energy system. We would love to Raise Your Vibe! Contact us for more information or book a session now.

VR&SS Disclaimer and Cancellation Policy
Reiki is the art of natural healing, not the practice of medicine. It is intended to complement and supplement allopathic medicine not to substitute professional medical care and treatment. Spiritual counseling, mediumship, and message work are the translation of energy communication to physical language. Our practitioners are the translators, not the originators of these messages. Spiritual messages are not intended as professional counseling and should not be used in place of any professional services.

Our Cancellation Policy
We are happy to serve you, and we do our best to accommodate your schedule. Although we understand that life happens and cancellations sometimes occur, in order for us to continue the quality of service that we provide we have instituted the following cancellation policies:
If you must cancel, please give us at least 48 hours’ notice, so that we have time to offer your session to someone else. Cancellations with less than 48 hours may be considered a “no show.”

More than three cancellations will require pre-payment for future bookings.
“No Shows” will require pre-payment for future bookings.



Our goal is to make your experience the absolute best possible.  In order for us to do that we have set up some guidelines for all classes.

Classes are by appointment, please register (here) so that we know to expect you.  We reserve the right to cancel any classes.

If for some reason you need to cancel, please contact us at least 24 hours before the class starts so we can reach out to others who may be interested in taking your spot.  We greatly appreciate your help in keeping the class sizes and transitions as comfortable as possible.


Gentle Flow Yoga is offered…

  • Thursday 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM at VR&SS
    (livestream option)
  • Saturday 8:30 AM -9:30 AM at VR&SS

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
is offered…

Roll, Flow and Renew
is offered…

  • Monday 6:00 – 7:15 PM at VR&SS


Class Fees…

  • Drop-in – $15
  • 4 class pass – $40, valid for up to 6 weeks
  • Monthly Unlimited Pass –  $50
    • For more information contact Jill at
    • Or call Visions Reiki and Soul Spa at 724-745-1785



    What They're Saying

    Reiki with Wendy

    I hit a wall. Physically I'm strong and healthy, but spiritually, emotionally I was blocked from my true desires, from my own intuition. Logic was my mantra and I was unable to make the transition to knowing, hearing and feeling my inner higher self even after reading and studying about chakras, intuition, energy and a myriad of other subjects. Beginning with my first Reiki session with Wendy Borne I was able to start releasing blocks (I started dreaming nightly. I haven't dreamt regularly since I was a kid. ) I could feel the sense of calm and serenity overtaking me. After my second session friends and coworkers were noticing a positive change in me. My third session was inspiring. It left me speechless and in a state of serine awe. I am following the messages I received during my sessions. My Reiki sessions with Wendy have helped me connected with my higher, inner self more than anything I have read or done. Oh yea, I am still dreaming nightly.

    Reiki with Shileen

    I've known Shileen for about 6 years. She is a warm, giving person with such a caring,nurturing soul.
    I have had the pleasure of experiencing reiki with Shileen twice. Both times she was able to help me gain insight on some issues I was facing. The most recent was during a very difficult time and my headspace was pretty jumbled. Shileen took time to talk me through some troubling thoughts. She gave me an outline of each chakra and what came to her during our session.
    I definitely would recommend Shileen to anyone who is looking to experience reiki in a safe, compassionate manner.

    Tai Chi & Qigong with Gurney

    Doing Tai Chi and Qigong with Gurney is a positive experience of how to guide your body to a place of peace. I have been finding the sensitivities in my body that result in a more natural functioning body. This is a learning enjoyment that pays dividends in communication with my body that allows more flexibility and self-assurance. I have been going to tai chi for only 6 weeks so far, and I am seeing benefits every week.

    Reiki with Heather

    My session with Heather was my first experience with Reiki ever. I didn’t know what to expect. To my surprise I was taken on a very visual journey that went from me flying like a bird to leading an army of warriors into battle! It was intense and magical. When the session was over I was on a spiritual and physical high that I didn’t come down from for three days. Amazing.

    Reiki with Wendy

    The work I've done with Wendy in a little over a year has taken me so much closer to my goals in life and business in a short amount of time. I've seen such a massive improvement in my physical, mental, and spiritual facets that I can't imagine where I would be if I hadn't started receiving Reiki. Before I met Wendy, I was struggling with my daughters, who are both high-energy, super-sensitive sweethearts. I was also struggling to find who I truly was and build a business I loved due to decades of shame, fear, guilt, and societal pressures. Reiki helped me release what was binding me to unhappiness and scarcity. It also helped my daughters and I discover more balance within ourselves and a greater connection to our truth, gifts, and each other. I now see my oldest thriving in school (and she stopped chewing her nails and being so nervous within a few months of beginning Reiki), and my youngest is gaining confidence.
    Wendy has truly changed our lives for the better!

    Life Coaching with Brandon

    Living with diabetes and RA for a long period of time, I needed more relief.  Life coaching was not a cure, but showed me what I could do to help with my discomfort. Time well spent.

    Reiki with Brandon

    After my first reiki session with Brandon I immediately felt that a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I felt a sense of calm envelop my entire being. I felt that I was more centered, focused, and was in fact energized beyond belief. I have chronic lower back pain, and shoulder issues as well, and have been dealing with the symptoms of Lyme disease for a number of years. Through the reiki sessions Brandon is able to alleviate the aforementioned symptoms, and furthermore any associated pain. Brandon is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to reiki and its processes. He is able to answer all my questions and concerns pertaining to the sessions.

    Tai Chi & Qigong with Gurney

    Tai Chi is not learned quickly, which can be galling at times. If you’re lucky enough to have a teacher as accomplished, kind, witty and supportive as Gurney Bolster, it becomes the addictive journey it’s supposed to be--strengthening body and mind and becoming ever more fun as you go along.

    Sugar Detox Workshop with Jill Sansom

    I highly recommend Jill Sansom’s Sugar Detox/Break the Cycle
    class—it changed my life! I have rampant diabetes in my family have
    participated in numerous overwhelming dietician sessions regarding
    sugar intake. I used to think diabetics had to sacrifice taste for their
    health. Jill changed my mindset. During her three classes, she pared
    down the multitude of information available that discusses sugar and
    how it affects the body. Jill spoke about foods we eat everyday and
    how developing an awareness of what that food contains, what time of
    day you’re eating it and the portion is critical to curtailing your daily
    sugar intake. Awareness is the key! I’ve learned to read labels, not
    just in the grocery store but in my pantry and refrigerator. Per Jill’s
    advice, I’ve asked for support from family to help me reduce my sugar
    intake. Jill gave us countless recipes, ingredient suggestions and
    even in class samples! She also advised us on where to buy
    groceries and what foods need to be organic. Jill’s knowledge and her
    down to earth disposition will make the class seem doable, and it is.
    I’ve lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks and Jill’s Sugar Detox/Break the Cycle
    was the catalyst. Even if you just want to eat healthier and you’re not
    interested in a complete overhaul..this class is for you! The samples
    alone are worth it!!

    Tai Chi & Qigong with Gurney

    Whenever I complete a Tai Chi/Qigong class with Gurney, I feel as relaxed, renewed and ready to face what life brings as if I’d just had a massage or listened to an inspirational talk/sermon. It works on physical, emotional and spiritual aspects in such a subtle way. The most important thing I take from the class is the ebb and flow of the life cycle. I personally give too much which throws me into needing too much. In the middle of these classes, one is working at their own pace and reminded about balance; receding and advancing, in and out, left to right, etc. The hour flies by and I am left with a peaceful calm. I recommend her classes to EVERYONE!!!

    Reiki with Wendy

    I have often read that when the time is right Reiki will find you, for myself nothing could be truer. As an acupuncturist I feel like I have an understanding and appreciation for the flow of energy in our bodies, but it wasn’t until I had my first Reiki session with Wendy that I witnessed and felt what a wonderful experience energy healing with Reiki can be. Due to the interactions I have with people on a daily basis I knew that my body held a lot of blocked energy that could potentially interfere with my work and health in general. I chose to give Reiki a try knowing that it would be a gentle way to release the blocks and help me stay healthy for myself and my patients. To receive a treatment from Wendy is truly a gift, the Reiki is a very powerful healing energy on its own and is further enhanced by her intuitive messages which are delivered with comforting respect and kindness. I can say with great confidence that since working with Wendy on a regular basis I feel that she has helped my body, mind and spirit reconnect in a very positive way so much so that I freely encourage my patients to seek treatment with her along with the acupuncture. Staying healthy and balance in today’s world can be a challenge, if you are someone wanting to keep your body and mind strong and healthy then I encourage you to also seek Reiki’s healing from Wendy.

    Reiki with Heather

    I would like to tell you about my reiki experience with Heather. She made my experience very comfortable and serene. I could feel the stress leave my body, so much that I fell asleep. When I woke up (minutes later) I felt the best I had in a long time. Extremely relaxed, stress-free and just GOOD. I look forward to my next session with her." - Debbie Chaney

    Past Life & Soul Regression with Leza

    I have participated in various events with Leza and have found value and healing in the practices. Most recently, Leza facilitated an other life ( past life) journey for me. what came up was unexpected but exactly the piece that had been missing for me. My intention was to find what I needed most at the time to continue with growth and that is what happened. This was useful in figuring out the puzzle. Leza's approach was loving and non-judgemental.  ~Rev. Mary Anne Gibbons