Who we are

Wendy Borne

Reiki Master/Teacher and Intuitive Medium, Owner

Wendy is an Intuitive Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Medium.  She received her Reiki Master training in 2003, and trained as a Spiritual Medium from 2003 – 2006.  Wendy uses these two powerful tools of Reiki and Mediumship to help individuals honor their true self, stand in their own power and reclaim the life they know they were born to.  She also combines these two energy techniques to provide dynamic and empowering trainings, groups and workshops

Brandon Novogradac

Intuitive Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Pure Life Coach

Brandon is an Intuitive Reiki Master, life coach, and certified holistic cancer coach with BeatCancer.org. Brandon has previous experience as a direct care provider, and as an environmental science consultant. He incorporates all of his skills and training in every session for a truly enlightened experience.

Heather Behling

Empath, Reiki Master/Teacher

Heather Behling is a Reiki Master/Teacher and empath. She received her Reiki training in 2015 and expanded her Master level to include teaching in 2019. Heather draws her inspiration from nature and music and, when guided uses her deep connection to both of these to enhance her use of sound and crystals during a reiki session.  


Jill Sansom

Liz Pikutis

Bach Flower Essence Practitioner and Clinical Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner, Empath

Liz is a Reiki and Flower Essence Practitioner.  She has been practicing and personally integrating energy work since 2017.  Liz graduated from Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, as a certified Bach Flower Essence Practitioner and Clinical Herbalist.  Her education is rooted in the Vitalist tradititon, in which healing is accessed through alignment of one’s life force energy with the rhythms of Nature.  She offers a gentle, heart centered approach to healing through modalities of embodiment, nervous system regulation, intuitive growth and emotional freedom.  Liz’s most sacred intention is to cultivate a safe and compassionate space for clients to feel true empowerment through vital connection to their subtle and emotional bodies. 
Jill Sansom

Lesley Eckenrode

Hatha/Tanta Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, Intuitive Empath

Lesley is a Reiki Master and 200hr certified Hatha/Tantra Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation Teacher, an empath and a free spirit. Her fascination with energy has guided her to explore different modalities associated with energy work.  Lesley has completed other various studies and Sadhana from the Traditional Tantric practices of India, which served to support and deepen her own spiritual development. Her inspiration comes from her own life experiences and the healing capacities of Mother Earth.  She motivates students to anchor into the spiritual body and detach from the wandering mind as they are guided into stillness, pure presence and self-exploration.

Rev Marjorie Rivera

Intuitive Medium, Spiritualist Minister

Rev Rivera has an intention to be of service to you,  your Loved Ones in Spirit,  the Angels and our Creator by proving the existence of the soul in the afterlife.  Her mission is to alleviate pain and suffering caused by  loss. ​Her ministry is readings

 Rev Rivera is a Lily Dale trained and tested Medium. She has been known as The Pittsburgh Medium for over 30 years. 



Lesa Vivio
Jill Sansom

Ashley Weischedel, LMT

Pennsylvania Licensed and Board-Certified Massage Therapist Practitioner, Reiki Level I, Empath/Intuitive

Ashley is a Pennsylvania Licensed and Board-Certified Massage Therapist Practitioner and a Pittsburgh Technical College Graduate of 2009.  She has a warm caring heart  and gentle kindness that shows in her practice. She is attentive to your desires and knows exactly what your body needs.  Her intention is always to facilitate wellbeing and balance for her clients.  As she pairs her experience and skill in the areas of Swedish, Lymphatic Drainage and Trigger Point Therapies, with her empathic and intuitive senses she offers a relaxing, rejuvenating, blissful experience.  




Jen Ohrman

Mind Set Coach, Positivity Coach, Wellness Shopping Coach

Jen is a Confidence & Transformation Coach/Consultant and the owner/founder of Totally Awesome U, 


She is an inspirational and enthusiastic teacher of the Universal Laws of Attraction.  Her many years of service in the wellness industry combined with her experience in the areas of energy wellness, creative expansion and abundance brings a powerful dynamic to all of Jen’s groups, presentations and sessions.  Jen supports and teaches expansion in life and business through positive perspective, loving self-awareness and powerful alignment. Jen is here for women 40+ experiencing life/ career transitions. 

To connect with Jen book a free consultation or email her at Jen@visionsreiki.com




What They're Saying

Reiki with Wendy

I hit a wall. Physically I'm strong and healthy, but spiritually, emotionally I was blocked from my true desires, from my own intuition. Logic was my mantra and I was unable to make the transition to knowing, hearing and feeling my inner higher self even after reading and studying about chakras, intuition, energy and a myriad of other subjects. Beginning with my first Reiki session with Wendy Borne I was able to start releasing blocks (I started dreaming nightly. I haven't dreamt regularly since I was a kid. ) I could feel the sense of calm and serenity overtaking me. After my second session friends and coworkers were noticing a positive change in me. My third session was inspiring. It left me speechless and in a state of serine awe. I am following the messages I received during my sessions. My Reiki sessions with Wendy have helped me connected with my higher, inner self more than anything I have read or done. Oh yea, I am still dreaming nightly.

Reiki with Heather

My session with Heather was my first experience with Reiki ever. I didn’t know what to expect. To my surprise I was taken on a very visual journey that went from me flying like a bird to leading an army of warriors into battle! It was intense and magical. When the session was over I was on a spiritual and physical high that I didn’t come down from for three days. Amazing.

Reiki with Wendy

The work I've done with Wendy in a little over a year has taken me so much closer to my goals in life and business in a short amount of time. I've seen such a massive improvement in my physical, mental, and spiritual facets that I can't imagine where I would be if I hadn't started receiving Reiki. Before I met Wendy, I was struggling with my daughters, who are both high-energy, super-sensitive sweethearts. I was also struggling to find who I truly was and build a business I loved due to decades of shame, fear, guilt, and societal pressures. Reiki helped me release what was binding me to unhappiness and scarcity. It also helped my daughters and I discover more balance within ourselves and a greater connection to our truth, gifts, and each other. I now see my oldest thriving in school (and she stopped chewing her nails and being so nervous within a few months of beginning Reiki), and my youngest is gaining confidence.
Wendy has truly changed our lives for the better!

Life Coaching with Brandon

Living with diabetes and RA for a long period of time, I needed more relief.  Life coaching was not a cure, but showed me what I could do to help with my discomfort. Time well spent.

Reiki with Brandon

After my first reiki session with Brandon I immediately felt that a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I felt a sense of calm envelop my entire being. I felt that I was more centered, focused, and was in fact energized beyond belief. I have chronic lower back pain, and shoulder issues as well, and have been dealing with the symptoms of Lyme disease for a number of years. Through the reiki sessions Brandon is able to alleviate the aforementioned symptoms, and furthermore any associated pain. Brandon is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to reiki and its processes. He is able to answer all my questions and concerns pertaining to the sessions.

Reiki Wendy / Brandon

I have had 2 Reiki treatments performed by owner Wendy as well as Brandon.
Not only are they lovely human beings, but they listen well, and offer honest insight and I found the experiences to be thorough and thought-provoking. Life experiences are not always by choice, but becoming healthier is. I will continue my journey of healing at this wonderful location surrounded by positive and kind practitioners in a peaceful location.

Sugar Detox Workshop with Jill Sansom

I highly recommend Jill Sansom’s Sugar Detox/Break the Cycle
class—it changed my life! I have rampant diabetes in my family have
participated in numerous overwhelming dietician sessions regarding
sugar intake. I used to think diabetics had to sacrifice taste for their
health. Jill changed my mindset. During her three classes, she pared
down the multitude of information available that discusses sugar and
how it affects the body. Jill spoke about foods we eat everyday and
how developing an awareness of what that food contains, what time of
day you’re eating it and the portion is critical to curtailing your daily
sugar intake. Awareness is the key! I’ve learned to read labels, not
just in the grocery store but in my pantry and refrigerator. Per Jill’s
advice, I’ve asked for support from family to help me reduce my sugar
intake. Jill gave us countless recipes, ingredient suggestions and
even in class samples! She also advised us on where to buy
groceries and what foods need to be organic. Jill’s knowledge and her
down to earth disposition will make the class seem doable, and it is.
I’ve lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks and Jill’s Sugar Detox/Break the Cycle
was the catalyst. Even if you just want to eat healthier and you’re not
interested in a complete overhaul..this class is for you! The samples
alone are worth it!!

Reiki with Wendy

I have often read that when the time is right Reiki will find you, for myself nothing could be truer. As an acupuncturist I feel like I have an understanding and appreciation for the flow of energy in our bodies, but it wasn’t until I had my first Reiki session with Wendy that I witnessed and felt what a wonderful experience energy healing with Reiki can be. Due to the interactions I have with people on a daily basis I knew that my body held a lot of blocked energy that could potentially interfere with my work and health in general. I chose to give Reiki a try knowing that it would be a gentle way to release the blocks and help me stay healthy for myself and my patients. To receive a treatment from Wendy is truly a gift, the Reiki is a very powerful healing energy on its own and is further enhanced by her intuitive messages which are delivered with comforting respect and kindness. I can say with great confidence that since working with Wendy on a regular basis I feel that she has helped my body, mind and spirit reconnect in a very positive way so much so that I freely encourage my patients to seek treatment with her along with the acupuncture. Staying healthy and balance in today’s world can be a challenge, if you are someone wanting to keep your body and mind strong and healthy then I encourage you to also seek Reiki’s healing from Wendy.

Reiki with Heather

I would like to tell you about my reiki experience with Heather. She made my experience very comfortable and serene. I could feel the stress leave my body, so much that I fell asleep. When I woke up (minutes later) I felt the best I had in a long time. Extremely relaxed, stress-free and just GOOD. I look forward to my next session with her." - Debbie Chaney

Reiki with Brandon

I tried reiki healing for the first time and it was the most amazing experience I ever had! If you want to get rid of negative energy, things you were holding into and didn’t realize you were, and build up your positive energy, then this is a must do!!!! Cannot recommend having this done enough!! Brandon changed my life for the better!!!

Past Life & Soul Regression with Leza

I have participated in various events with Leza and have found value and healing in the practices. Most recently, Leza facilitated an other life ( past life) journey for me. what came up was unexpected but exactly the piece that had been missing for me. My intention was to find what I needed most at the time to continue with growth and that is what happened. This was useful in figuring out the puzzle. Leza's approach was loving and non-judgemental.  ~Rev. Mary Anne Gibbons

Reiki Wendy / Brandon

Both my husband and I have had amazing experiences at Visions Reiki. Wendy and Brandon offer tremendous compassion and grace. We feel blessed to have had their healing touch as part of our journey
First off, I would like to say that the journey of getting to the point in my life where I was open to this type of healing has been a long one. Miss Wendy is a very powerful, gentle and kind healer. She leads in such a way that gives YOU the opportunity to use your own power and intention to open yourself up for healing. She always seems to read between the lines of my limited thinking which takes me deeper down the rabbit hole of my journey. This ultimately sparks a deeper understanding of who I am as a divine being. I have yet to do a in person session, but the remote sessions have sincerely changed my life and desires. I go each month, because that is what I personally need and desire, but I encourage anyone thinking about reiki, to try it at least once, and I guarantee your mind, soul and spirit will be profoundly changed.

Reiki with Brandon

My husband and I both see Brandon on a monthly basis for reiki sessions as part of our healing journey along with our spiritual journey. The outsized impression he has had on each of our lives testifies to his character and his abilities as a reiki master. He’s easy to talk to, makes you laugh, and truly treats you like you’re his only client in the world. He’s been a true blessing to our lives.

Reiki with Heather

This was my first-time doing Reiki and I didn't know what to expect. I had Heather who was absolutely amazing. She made the whole experience so enjoyable and I felt like she was blessing my mind and soul with her energy. My body felt extremely relaxed and heavy (in a good way) and my mind was totally at ease. This was a terrific mental healing practice that I would definitely recommend and plan on using again.