Reiki Bliss Room and Linen Spray

Amplify the energy of any space with our Reiki Bliss Room Spray. Welcome in the feelings of love, peace, serenity, and bliss as our room spray fills the air. Uplift your spirits and clear away the heaviness as you enjoy this purifying scent on your linens and fabrics. Or, bless, sanctify, and energically cleanse a room, space, or object with a spritz of Reiki Bliss.

Benefits: With its enchanting blend of natural scents, this Bombash Botanical spray will create an atmosphere of Bliss in any room. Spritz it into the air to eliminate odors, instantly transform the ambiance, and raise the vibration of any space with a lovely fragrance that will transport your mind, body, and spirit.
How To Use: Using our Reiki Bliss Room Spray is a breeze. Simply give it a good shake to activate the uplifting scent. Whether you want to freshen up your room or envelop yourself in this delightful aroma, you have options. Spray it in the air to create an inviting atmosphere, or walk through it for a subtle, lingering fragrance. It’s also perfect for misting small spaces, gym bags, and yoga mats.

• Perfumer’s Alcohol
• Vegan, Natural, essential oils and resins