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Power-Up Posse 23 for ’23 with Jen Ohrman – A Virtual Coaching Event For Women

January 7 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

The Power-Up Posse: 23 (amazing women) for ’23

Posse: Definition
A group of people who have a common purpose
Our Common Purpose: To come together, to harness the magical & powerful energy of the new year, collectively. To discover and/or align with our passion/mission/desire for what it is we will allow ourselves to create, to become in 2023- lighting up our runways with greater Confidence, Clarity and Connection setting us up for success in the new year!


A Mini-Coaching/Mentoring Program happening, virtually,  in the month of January,  designed to capture the powerful energy of the new year for the purpose of laying the foundation for creating change, expansion and growth in your life, making the most of this magical new year!

The collective energy of like-minds coming together is not only a super powerful strategy for creating new life visions, but it’s way more fun than doing it alone- and WAY more effective!

We will explore things like self-trust and building your confidence muscle, understanding belief patterns &  emotions that are holding us hostage- we’ll learn to name ’em, claim ’em and tame ’em for greater peace and freedom! We’ll play the 2-degree shift game and watch our perspective shift, co-create your own personal and profound appreciation and gratitude spaces/routines that can’t help but shift you into the vibrations of hope, expansion, harmony, peace and joy.

We will link arms, hearts and energy- each of us 23 + 1 and become a united, loving all-powerful source of creative expansion, soaring into 2023 with Clarity, Confidence & Supportive Connection around what is most important for YOU to focus your energy on in 2023!

It’s true. The beginning of new year holds magical powers tuning us into our hopes, dreams and desires.  We often come out of the gate running, all pumped up to create new visions and reach new goals so we can experience our best lives yet.  The practice of setting resolutions is familiar to most of us, entered into with genuine enthusiasm and good intentions.  But, the results that follow our earnest resolution setting is often not as successful as we would like.  Studies show that 91 percent of those who create resolutions, will not achieve their goal. Did you know  that January 19th is actually called “Quitter’s Day”? Yikes! So, if we want to be among the 9 percent who do see growth and expansion towards important life desires and goals, it just makes sense to stack the deck in your favor.
One way to do this is to stop going it alone and decide to get into the arena with others ready to shift, evolve and transcend! While this isn’t  a long term commitment, it does provide the opportunity for you to hold your own feet to the fire, while supporting and being supported by others.  You’re part of a common mission to lay the foundation for creating a successful new year where you allow yourself to dream again,  find your confidence and purpose again, step into new ideas and begin laying out the plans for who you want to be and how you intend to show up in 2023!

23 Women, business/leadership/personal growth oriented. You’ve had success in your life but you know there’s something more for you-and that time for discovery, clarity and action is now!
We are calling in women who are eager for change in ’23, ready for actual progress in one or more areas of their life, open to innovation and new ideas, eager to find their confidence and power again, value like-minded connection – and they are tired of trying to navigate these new life visions, next steps, next stages of life- alone! They are all about taking responsibility for creating their best lives and are open to the possibilities new growth can bring. Maybe you are newer to personal growth or perhaps you’ve been on the path for decades(like me!)- you’re all welcome.

This is great for busy people ready for a quick start.  It’s not a long-term commitment or a high price. Totally do-able- if growth and expansion in life is calling you!


BONUS: Secure your spot and enroll by 12/22 and you’ll be gifted a private 1:1 30 min Coaching Strategy Session with Jen: 



January 7
10:00 am - 11:30 am
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Jen Ohrman


This Event is Virtual