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Gerald Savage of Sound Pill Presents – The Power of The Voice and Breath as Primary Tools for Health and Wellness

April 15, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am


This workshop includes a 2 hour group workshop and a 30 minute private VoiceBio session.

The Power of The Voice and Breath as Primary Tools for Health and Wellness

9:00-11:00 AM, Saturday, April 15, 2023;

with private VoiceBio sessions Saturday, April 15th and Sunday April 16th.

Did you know that with every breath, you are filling your body with not only oxygen, but sound? Yes, sound!

Cover your ears and listen to the white noise filling your body while breathing with a complete inhale and exhale. Simply by giving your attention to your breath, you begin to feel the emotional and mental difference.

White noise contains all frequencies, and serve as a constant respiratory Sound Pill!

Did you know that in certain Eastern traditions, it is believed that messages are uttered with every breath.

These are considered *mantras of Life (See Mantras below) .

For example:

 **Inhale and exhale deeply & slowly, and mentally say: Inhale: So Exhale: ham. So’ham: “I am That” Recognizing the One-ness of Life.

 **Inhale and exhale deeply & slowly, and mentally say: Inhale: Sat Exhale: Nam. Sat Nam: “I am Truth”, “Truth is my Essence”. At our core and highest Self, we are expressions of the Truth.

Did you know that simple words, sounds, and syllables can energize your body, clear your mind, and balance your emotions. Take a deep breath, and slowly pronounce the word ‘Why’, holding out as long as you can, four times, as in:


Allow the air to flow uninterrupted, only changing the formations with your facial muscles and oral cavity. Notice that the word Why actually begins with the sound, “Oooo” to begin the word. This is a quick way to energize the entire chakra system.

I will explain more during the workshop.

Meanwhile, practice this, feel what happens, and be prepared to share when you come to the workshop.

These are only a very small portion of the type of activities that I will be introducing.

Additional examples will include:

*Mantras- Sacred verbal formulas repeated in prayer, meditation, or incantations.

Pranayama – Breathing techniques and exercises for yoga and meditation.

Mudras – Energetic hand postures that will be used with, and without the voice.

The use of syllables and vowel sounds for toning the chakras for activation and balance

Exercises using Pranayama, Breath, and the Voice will also include the following purposes:

 For General Health and Wellness

 For Self-Empowerment

 To Control and Master Emotional Issues such as Fear and Anger

 For Manifesting Abundance and Prosperity

 For Love and Romance; Attracting the Right Mate and Spiritual Partner

 For Removing Obstacles, through Softening and Releasing Karmic Debt

While singing is a very power tool for health and wellness, the practices are not performance-based, and the focus is never on ‘sounding good’. The information and practices can be easily accessed and used by both singers and non-singers

What does the cost cover?

There will be two parts to your experience at the workshop.

The first part will include a two-hour workshop exploring usage of the breath and voice as outlined above.

The second part will consist of a private 30-minute health assessment using the VoiceBio software (Normal fee – $70).

The assessment will consist of the following:

The VoiceBio Session

1. The Client speaks three different voice samples into a highly sensitive microphone.

2. The computer instantly sorts and graphs the frequency tone, ignoring word content.

3. The practitioner utilizes the data collected by analyzing a generated voiceprint to see which note frequencies are present or missing.

4. Practitioner will discuss ways to balance the overactive or underactive tones to help achieve optimal balance and overall health and well-being.

5. Following the assessment, you will receive:

a. Note cards for the two lowest frequencies. Note cards will include suggestions for: lifestyle changes, diet, juicing suggestions, colors to wear and look at, gemstones, essential oils, Bach flowers, nutrients, and music.

b. EarFood mp3 files which will be emailed to practice toning the two lowest frequencies. You will also receive an email copy of the script for toning sequence

Special notes

 In order to maximize the energy and attention required during the workshop and private sessions, the event is limited to 18 attendees.

 It is recommended that you do not eat one hour before the workshop, and do not eat or drink one hour before your private health assessment.

 Bring water for the workshop. Sweetened drinks are not recommended.

 Dress comfortably, and bring materials for sitting on the floor if you like during activities.

 Bring a pad or notebook for taking notes.

Recommended ages
Adults, and teenagers who may be open to participate.
Event Organizer
 Gerald Savage – Sound Therapist, ST, Founder/Director of SoundPill –  Online instructor at Globe Institute, Program of Sound and Consciousness  Educator, Composer/Arranger. Vocalist/Instrumentalist, Ethnomusicologist


How To Schedule Your Private VoiceBio Session

Please be sure to schedule your private VoiceBio session for Saturday 4/15 or Sunday 4/16 separately at or call Vision Reiki and Soul Spa at 724-745-1785 . There is no additional cost for this private session

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April 15, 2023
9:00 am - 11:00 am
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